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About me

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Hi! I'm Derek, a front-end developer from Toronto, Ontario. After picking up coding as a hobby I fell deeply in love with solving intricate problems in the digital realm.

When I am not learning new code, I enjoy reading, trying new recipes and hanging out with friends. I am also the proud owner of a very outspoken chihuahua!


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Lit Tracker

A collaborative project built with React, this app allows you to create your very own book list. Sort your books by ratings, mark them as read or look at other people's list for inspiration!

HTML/CSS/Responsive Design/Javascript/React/Firebase/Github


Made with React and utilizing Gamespot's RESTful API, this app allows users to quickly search a video game they're intrested in to assist with their purchasing decisions.

HTML/CSS/Responsive Design/Javascript/React/Github


A reponsive multi-page PSD conversion, a desktop design was used as a reference. Mobile design was subject to one's interpretation of the overall design.

HTML/CSS/Responsive Design/Jquery